Something is coming...

02/09/21 @ 15:16

Keep your eyes peeled, as something is brewing.

Closer to November you might get the chance of being invited for early access.

Thanks for using Jukehost

late 2021 something is coming


Temporary Downtime (Finished)

24/03/21 @ 11:32

Starting on the 27th at 10PM UTC Audio Streaming and Uploading to audio.jukehost.co.uk will not be available.

This should last approximately 4-8 hours whilst our host migrates our system and its contents.


We are sorry for any

Big Update in the Works

13/03/21 @ 17:18

At JukeHost we are always doing bits behind the scenes when we can to improve performance and keep everything running smoothly.

We are happy to let you know that we are working on a complete redesing from the groundup.

Why another redesign so soon?

Whilst we only moved over t

Update Log 1.03

13/03/21 @ 17:08

Hi, it's Noah,I hope everyone is doing well despite COVID.This is a very brief update log:

Removed "B" button next to the search bar on the Library page Removed debug "x"'s from pagination buttons when you have no tracks in a category. ...

Update Log 1.02

16/10/20 @ 11:12

This update adds some minor background changes

You can now append file extensions to links, (e.g. .mp3, .wav) if the program you using requires this Minor backend optimisations ...

Update Log 1.0.1

21/06/20 @ 13:17

I'n the background we have been fixing porblems and squashing bugs!


Support available at https://support.jukehost.co.uk. Status available at https://status.jukehost.co.uk.


Broken Upload Script. Library playback and copy URL has been corrected to the live one and n