Update Log 1.0.1

21/06/20 @ 13:17

I'n the background we have been fixing porblems and squashing bugs!



  • Broken Upload Script.
  • Library playback and copy URL has been corrected to the live one and not development.
  • Pagination on Library was not working as intended.


  • Library now lists 100 results per categroy page.
  • Backend changes for performance.
  • Account page now only lists your firstname. The settings page will still ist your fullname.

There have also been other minor changes in places.

During this time since the migration we have had outages of service and trivial problems that should never of happened. We are sirry for the inconvenience caused by these and aim to be better with our future updates!

Take care everyone!

By Noah
on 21/06/20 @ 13:17


Category: updates