Big Update in the Works

13/03/21 @ 17:18

At JukeHost we are always doing bits behind the scenes when we can to improve performance and keep everything running smoothly.

We are happy to let you know that we are working on a complete redesing from the groundup.

Why another redesign so soon?

Whilst we only moved over to this design last July/August we have decided that whilst the system is stable and maintainable, it is not easy to extend without alot of time.

We will be moving to using more well-known frameworks for our frontend such as React, and technologies such as Laravel for our main server, and Node.js to provide realtime functionalities via Sockets and Pusher.

The goal is to create a complete system that is easier to maintain and expand, aswell as scale for the future. This new stack will also allow us to combine our support service directly into the current ecosystem, meaning you can stay within one user dashboard area to access all your audio, get help and also use a plethora of new features coming.

We are excited for this update, but it will take time to implement, as we only have a solo developer working on JukeHost.

If you would like to help out, then please email us: [email protected], or get in contact with Noah directly here: [email protected] (Please include "JukeHost" in the title!)

We hope that everyone is doing well during COVID and we hope everyone is looking forward to it being over!

Stay safe everyone!


By Noah
on 13/03/21 @ 17:18


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